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We are devoted to creating effective treatments that bring balance to the mind, body and soul.


Myrro consists of organic, wild-harvested and ethically grown herbs.

Our recipes are based on traditional herbalism from Greek, Western European, Chinese and Ayurvedic pharmacopoeias.

Herbal medicine (or Botanical Medicine) is an ancient and effective healing method in harmony with Nature. It comes from our shared ecological and evolutionary heritage with the plant kingdom, a co-evolution to which the effectiveness of herbal medicines is attributed.

Over time, the complex interactions between humans, animals and plants have created an inherently integrated biological matrix of life.


Humanity's needs have always been met by nature. Our shared biology has created a symbiosis that continues to serve the health of our bodies and the well-being of the planet we call home.

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Our scientific background is that of Biology (Bsc Biology), followed by a specialisation degree in the use of medicinal plants (Msc Medicinal Plants) both for the application of effective treatments and for the production of natural care products.

At the same time, maintaining our small-scale & ecologically managed apiary ensures our access to excellent quality beekeeping raw materials with respect for the bee and the environment around it. The essential benefit though being that by taking care of bees, the most valuable pollinators, we contribute to the reproduction, survival and evolution of plant species. In addition, the biological balance and diversity of the native vegetation is maintained.

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Holistic philosophies teach the interrelatedness of body and earth, inseparability of consciousness and matter and humanity’s long evolutionary relationship with plants.

David Crow

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